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Resilience Committee

General Issue Areas: Risk Management; Mitigation; Insurance; Technological Hazards; Radiological Emergency Preparedness; National Incident Management System; Planning; Training; Exercise; Education; Individual and Community Preparedness; Alert and Warning; Preparedness Grants; Standards, Assessment and Accreditation including EMAP; Technology; FEMA Policy Review.  Coordination with Other Committees on Resilience Issues.

Co-Chair:   Russ Strickland (MD)         Co-Chair:   Mike Dossett (KY)

Lead NEMA Staff:    Jessica Byrski, Matt Cowles
PIO Subcommittee:   Joe Dougherty (UT)
SHMO Subcommittee:    Jaleesa Tate (MD)
Technology Subcommittee:   Mike Dossett (KY)
EMAP Commission:  

Angee Morgan (KS), Erica Bornemann (VT), Joe Wainscott (American Red Cross), Mike Daniska (NC), Russ Strickland (NGA)

Legal Counsel Liaison: 

Cathie Hutchins (VA)

Private Sector Liaisons:    Matt Hochstein (Hagerty), Alyssa Carrier (AC Disaster Consulting)
Past President Liaisons:     Bryan Koon, Dave Maxwell, Jim Mullen 



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