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Legislative Committee

NEMA President and Legislative Committee Chairs
visit Capitol Hill in March to discuss emergency
management and homeland security priorities.

The NEMA Legislative Committee plays a critical role in the development and execution of NEMA's legislative strategy. The Committee members represent each of the other NEMA Committees and bring unique perspectives to the table to ensure the Association can engage proactively on a diverse issue portfolio. 

General Issue Areas:
Legislation Tracking and Analysis; Congressional Communications Development such as Letters Regarding Important Legislation; Education/Advising
Congressional Committees and Staff on Priority Legislation; Regular Alerts to States on Important Congressional Activity and Key Bills; Development and Implementation of NEMA
Congressional Relations Strategy; Coordination as needed with other Organizations, Associations and Entities on Legislative Strategies/Efforts; Coordination with other NEMA Committees on Policies/Issues.

Chair:   A.J. Gary (AR)    Vice Chair:   Cody Schulz (ND)

Private Sector Liaisons: Kyle Olsen, The Olsen Group 
Matt Jadacki, Ernst & Young
Legal Counsel Liaison: Ann Vitale (OH)

Please visit the Government Relations page for all the latest documents including reports, budget analyses, and testimony provided before Congress.

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