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The National Mitigation Alliance is a collaborative initiative providing a forum for public and private sector groups, non-profit organizations, and academia to address the importance of mitigating loss of life and property during disaster.  The Alliance consists of over 20 organizations representing local, state, federal, private, and academic professionals all dedicated to the advancement of mitigation principles across the full spectrum of emergency management.  The initial membership represents a significant sample of key stakeholders but the Alliance will reach out to other critical partners to enhance the mission of discussion, collaboration, and coordination.

Protecting critical investments is more than mitigating damage to life and property.  It also includes understanding the critical role mitigation plays in the economy and overall resiliency of the nation.  Individually, each member of the Alliance has worked to support mitigation efforts around the country.  Through collaboration, the Alliance reaches across disciplines to help develop a comprehensive national mitigation framework.  

The Alliance encourages diverse opinions and provides a neutral forum for the exchange of ideas.  While policy discussions remain a key component to the Alliance, policy recommendations will be left to individual members, allowing the Alliance as a whole to debate, develop, and eventually provide balanced input to the federal government.

Membership in the National Mitigation Alliance is open to all organizations that support the principles contained in the Mitigation White Paper published in 2009.

Download the National Mitigation Alliance Fact Sheet
Download the White Paper: Recommendations for an Effective National Mitigation Effort
Download minutes from the March 2012 Strategy Session

For More Information
The National Mitigation Alliance is currently administered by the National Emergency Management Association.  For more information, please contact NEMA Headquarters.

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