With the success of the NEMA five-session pilot, we are bringing back the NEMA E-Learning Series - EMpowerment for Season 2! More than 1,000 people registered for Season 1, and we're excited to continue this important and informative series.  NEMA will host four sessions, scheduled quarterly, with great topics presented by a cadre of NEMA member experts and leaders who will share their expertise, help expand our understanding, and offer innovative solutions to the pressing issues keeping emergency managers up at night.

NEMA is fortunate to have the best, most experienced professionals in the emergency management and public safety field among our members. This series is designed to showcase those experts, offer a platform to share knowledge, create opportunities for interaction, exchange ideas, and create a more prepared and ready nation.

Past NEMA virtual learning sessions have drawn audiences from 150 to over 1000 participants! Sponsors of these 60 to 90-minute e-learning sessions will choose their topics, speakers, and moderators. NEMA will manage registration and host the sessions on our Zoom platform, with session recordings posted to the NEMA YouTube channel, NEMAforyou. Sponsors and presenters will be included in email messages, receive the attendee list, and may include a question in the post-session survey.

Sponsors provide topics, content, and subject matter experts, and NEMA will coordinate pre-planning, production, share the attendee list, and post-event survey responses. The presentations are recorded and live forever via NEMA's YouTube channel, NEMAforyou! Previous recordings have been viewed hundreds of times. Sponsorship for each session is $4000.

Registration is now open for our March 6 session and June 12 is still available for sponsorship. If your organization is interested in sponsoring, please email for more information.

EMpowerment eLearning Series Schedule

*Topics, presenters, and registration links will be updated as they are determined.

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Join us on March 6, 2024 at 2:00pm EST for our next EMpowerment Session with IEM. Hear from state and local experts as they outline the strategies employed to unite their communities in response to the influx of asylum seekers alongside growing demands for social services amid a national housing crisis. This session goes beyond crisis management, exploring case studies, lessons learned, and actionable solutions that build upon humanitarian response operations and services to create sustainable solutions for community members experiencing hardship and seeking social care.

Speakers include:
  • Alicia Tate-Nadeau — Director, Illinois Emergency Management Agency
  • Ashley Frez-Clark — Director, San Diego Rapid Response Network Supportive Services Jewish Family Services of San Diego
  • Molly Schaeffer — Director, Office of Asylum Seeker Operations New York office of the Mayor
  • Andrew Velasquez III — Director, Big City Emergency Management, IEM
This webinar session holds significant relevance for emergency managers across the nation due to the convergence of multiple critical issues. The influx of asylum seekers, coupled with the escalating demands for social services amid a national housing crisis and at the end of a worldwide pandemic. Through this dynamic panel, we aim to deliver insights into effective strategies that unite communities in addressing these interconnected issues.

Understanding the experiences and lessons shared by state and local experts is crucial for emergency managers tasked with orchestrating responses to diverse crises. Participants can glean valuable knowledge to enhance their jurisdiction's preparedness and response efforts by delving into case studies and actionable solutions. The session’s focus on moving beyond crisis management underscores the importance of long-term sustainability in solutions—a perspective vital for emergency managers shaping policies and initiatives.

This session offers a unique opportunity for emergency managers to learn from real-world experiences, equipping them with the tools and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of simultaneous challenges, foster community resilience, and implement effective, sustainable solutions in the face of crises.

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